Dangerous, sadistic, and severely complex, Valensiya brinks on the edge of a deceptive psychopath. Keen on being absolutely dominant, she feens to get what she wants at any cost. Her hypersexual personality ties into her need for controlling others, and victims are often dismayed with the fate of feeding her hemophilic nature. Alas, she tends to clash with individuals who display a strong sense of constraint or willpower. One thing is for certain: anyone associating themselves with this alluring vamp is surely in for an interesting ride.

[toggle title=”Likes”]Being in control, being mischievous, night life, blood, horror movies, traveling.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Dislikes”]Being powerless, beaming sunlight, sweets, feeling vulnerable “emotions”.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Attributes”] – Displays an array of psychopathic behavior, specifically in deception and lack of empathy.
– Is able to take advantage of submissive and weak-minded individuals.
– Heightened sense of smell and sound.
– Despite her appearance, she contains a surprisingly high level of strength.
– Enjoys wearing a wide array of laced bustiers, most notably in shades of purple.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Relationships”] Deziree: Mutual rivals. Fully aware of the burning dislike they share, Valensiya often times is gratified by her attempts of taunting and provoking Deziree. Considerably vexed (and in some form, admirable), of Deziree’s cold surface, she knows just how to push her buttons. Particularly, in the case of befriending Toree.

Disko: Shares a love/hate relationship with Disko. Even with their infrequent friend status, Valensiya genuinely enjoys the company of Disko. She remarkably finds that she conducts herself in a more orderly fashion with the young woman. This may be due to Disko being able to understand her rather cataclysmic ways.

Toree: Although her common habits render her negligent, Valensiya strangely feels a sort of endearment and regard towards Toree. This is an emotion she absolutely hates, knowing that she loathes feeling any sort of “attachment” to anyone but herself…[/toggle]


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