Q: What medium do you use to create your work?

A: I work completely digitally.

CG Input – Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch.

CG Programs – Manga Studio 5 and Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Q: What are your brush settings for your art programs?

A: All my brushes are default. I don’t really fuss with settings!

Q: Do you have any tutorials? Work process videos?

A: Not really, but I have a few videos recorded on Livestream of my work process.



Q: Where do you go to get your prints and stickers made?

A: I print everything myself! I use a Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II. Stickers are printed on inkjet vinyl paper.

Q: How do you make your sparkle stickers?

A: I use sparkly adhesive lamination film that I purchased from a supplier overseas. I overlay my vinyl stickers with the film, then cut them out by hand.

Q: Where can I find sparkly adhesive material?

A: Try

Q: How do you make your buttons?

A: I use a 1″ Button Machine from USA Buttons.

Q: Where do you go for your acrylic charms?

A: Zap Creatives! I also recommend Ink It Labs.



Q. How do I commission you? Are you open for commissions?

A: Commission availability depends! You can commission me for artwork here.

Q: Would it be possible for me to use your art?

A: Use of my art for personal purposes only is fine! In terms of non-profit use to be displayed in public (websites, shirts, videos, etc.), as long as I am given visible credit, then it is also ok!

For commercial uses of my work, or if you would like to commission a commercial based artwork, please contact me.



Q. Would you be able to teach me to draw?

A: At the moment, my schedule absolutely refuses to let me assist anyone in drawing. So sorry! Heck, I’m still always learning new things myself. And plus, I don’t think I would make that great of a teacher…haha!

Q. May I request a free artwork?

A: Unless noted otherwise, I do not and will not take free requests. Sorry!



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